Maine State Board of Optometry

The Maine State Board of Optometry was established to protect the public through the regulation of the practice of optometry in the State of Maine so as to maintain high professional standards. The primary responsibilities of the Board are to examine and license qualified applicants to practice the profession of optometry and to hold the title of Optometrist in the State of Maine, upon payment of specified fees; to renew all licenses annually upon payment of a specified fee and presentation of evidence that the applicant has attended an educational program approved by the Board; and to revoke, refuse or suspend any license for violation of the laws relating to optometry.

The Board investigates all complaints and cases of non-compliance with optometrists laws, rules and regulations, conducts hearings, and brings all such cases to the notice of the proper prosecuting officer. It also enforces standards established by law and makes such other reasonable rules and regulations, consistent with the law, as the Board deems necessary.