Board of Licensing of Auctioneers - Frequently Asked Questions - Licensing Questions

Do I need to pass a test?

Yes; 50 questions (multiple choice & true/false). You must get 80% correct in order to pass.

Where is the test given?

Location of Examination: 76 Northern Avenue in Gardiner, Maine

How often is the test given?

The test is given every other month. View exam schedule.

How much does the test cost?


Do I need to get a bond?

Before you apply for a license, you must provide a $10,000 surety bond. Check the yellow pages for Insurance companies who issue bonds.

What about continuing education?

Continuing education is not required for Auctioneers.

How can I get a permit for vehicle auctions?

Call the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 624-9000. See 29 M.R.S.A. Chapter 9, SubChapter 5

Is my application confidential?

No. With the exception of Social Security Number, all application information is public. Contact information provided to the Board is posted on our website.