Maine Fuel Board - Licensing

The Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation wants to make sure that individuals who have military experience and training and who wish to obtain an oil and solid fuel or propane and natural gas technician's license receive appropriate credit for their military training and experience. If you have military experience and training in the oil, solid fuel, propane and natural gas field and want to become licensed in Maine as a Master or Journeyman Oil and Solid Fuel Technician or a Propane and Natural Gas Technician, please contact Catherine Carroll for the Maine Fuel Board, at 207-624-8605 or email the office before submitting an application. We will explain the application process and assist you in preparing your application for licensure.

Military documentation that may need to accompany your examination application includes:

  • A copy of your DD Form 214, Report of Discharge
  • A copy of your DD Form 2586, Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET)

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Apprentice Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel Technician

Journeyman Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel Technician

Limited Tank Installer

Limited Wood Pellet Technician

Master Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel Technician

Gas Dispensing Station

Oil Limited Energy Auditor Technician

Gas Storage Tank Permit

Propane Limited Energy Auditor Technician

Propane and Natural Gas Helper

Propane and Natural Gas Technician

Temporary Permit For Plant Operator And/Or Delivery Technician (non-renewable)