Board of Pharmacy - Frequently Asked Questions - Certificate of Administration of Drugs and Immunizations

I am a licensed pharmacist. Can I administer drugs and vaccines?
No, in addition to holding a pharmacist license, you must hold a valid license authorizing you to administer drugs and vaccines. For information on qualifying for licensure to administer drugs and vaccines, please read 32 MRS §13832. Web link -   

How do I apply for a license to Administration of Drugs and Vaccines?
Please visit our website and download the application packet. Web address -  click on "List of Licensed Professions" then scroll down to "pharmacy." This will bring you to the Board of Pharmacy web page.   Or, this link for direct access to the Board of Pharmacy web page.  Click on "Applications & Forms." Please be sure to review the laws and rules. The link for these documents is just above Applications & Forms.

Can I fax my application to the board's office?
Please do not fax your application as documents submitted by this method are often indecipherable. Please mail your application and supporting material or feel free to come to our office to deliver your application.

If I personally deliver my application and required fee to the board's office, can you review and act on my application while I wait?
No. We are unable to accommodate this request. Your application will be reviewed and acted on in the order received.

How can I find out the status of my application?
Visit our website. Acknowledgement of receipt of your application will immediately be visible online with a status code of “pending,” which means that your application has been received and is pending eligibility review.  Once reviewed the status code on the website will either show that your license was issued and the status will change to "Active" or, if your application is deemed incomplete, an incomplete letter will be sent to you by regular mail or email, if one was provided.  Upon issuance of your license, you will be sent via email to the email address notifying you that your license has been issued together with your license attached to the email (a paper license will not be sent to you) and your access code.  The sender email address will read   (a paper license will not be sent by regular mail).  Please be sure to retain your access code, this code is required to renew your license online when the time comes and to update your contact information online at

We do not encourage phone calls to find out the status of your application. These calls severely impede our ability to expedite applications.  An incomplete application will slow the progress of your application and may be returned, so please take the time to read the information provided in the application packet.