Board of Licensure of Foresters - Licensing - Forester Registration for Supervision of Unlicensed Personnel

A Forester may register with the board to supervise and direct an unlicensed person in the practice of forestry.

How to apply


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  • Annual

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Rules regulating the requirement for registration of foresters supervising unlicensed personnel took effect on July 4, 2002. View the governing rule.

Examination requirements

General Requirements

Requirements For Supervision

  • Hold a current and valid Forester license.
  • Enter into a written agreement with the unlicensed person that acknowledges that the supervising forester will provide direction and supervision in the practice of forestry. The written agreement must be retained by the supervising forester for one year following the termination of supervision.
  • The supervising forester is responsible for all activities of the unlicensed person relating to the practice of forestry whether or not activities are authorized by the employer, owner or contractor.
  • The supervising forester must register annually, at the time of license renewal, all unlicensed persons under the forester's supervision, although, a forester may initially register supervision of a new unlicensed person any time during the year.