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Q. I completed a 20-hour course on immunization administration and used this course to obtain my initial license to from the Board to immunize; can I use this same course to fulfill my continuing education requirement for pharmacist licensure renewal?

A. Yes. At the November 15, 2010, board meeting the Board reconsidered and overturned its initial October 27, 2010, decision. A pharmacist who completed a 20-hour course on immunization administration to obtain initial licensure may use this same course to fulfill the continuing education requirements for pharmacist licensure renewal.

Q. As a licensed pharmacist who does not hold a license to administer immunizations, am I required to complete the 2-hours of continuing education in immunization administration as stated in 32 MRSA § 13735?

A. Yes. The law requires all licensed pharmacist to obtain at least 2 of the required 15 continuing education hours for licensure renewal to be in drug administration.

(ref)§13735. Continuing pharmacy education

"An annual renewal license may not be issued by the board until the applicant certifies to the board that, during the calendar year preceding an application for renewal, the applicant has participated in not less than 15 hours of approved courses of continuing professional pharmaceutical education as set out in this section. Of the 15 hours to be completed, at least 2 hours must be in board-approved courses on drug administration as described in section 13702-A, subsection 28 ."