Supervising Foresters and the Unlicensed Individuals they Supervise

Chapter 90 of the Forester Rules provides for a registration system for foresters who supervise unlicensed individuals in the practice of forestry.

The following foresters currently supervise the listed unlicensed individuals:

John Ackley (LF940) supervises Joseph P. Kennedy, Marcus Schwarzmueller and Bret Shaffer

Louis Altobell (LF 3906) supervises Thomas Hall 

Mallory Bussell (LF 3913) supervises Michael Murphy

Ernest L. Carle (LF438) supervises Thomas Cochran

Jason Castonguay (LF3488) supervises Jackson Ashby, Nicolas Chouinard-Vaillancourt, Dustin McKinnon-Kelly and Robert W. Sawyer V

Tyler Gardner (LF3815) supervises Travis Proctor, Ryan Stevens and Peter Pelletier Jr.

Richard Jones (LF733) supervises David Forbes, Evan Jones, Josie Ray and Jason Tome

Charles Moreno (LF2000) supervises Nicholas Lanzer

Mark W. Rabon (LF3159) supervises Jordan Weaknecht and Will Lehning

Christopher Stevens (LF335) supervises Ryan Stevens

Andrew Wopat (LF3747) supervises Raymond Ary, Kevin Erickson and Anasaya Schmidt

Christopher Huston (LF3759) supervises Samuel Albert, Elijah Bell, Dan Dedon, Caleb Espling, Joshua Kord, Colin McMorrow, Leigh Tabor, Grayson Tyrey

Joel Philbrook (LF3464) supervises John Hardman

John D. Hernandez Sr. (LF4213) supervises Wyatt E. Kimball


Click HERE (PDF) to download the registration form used to report supervision of an unlicensed individual to the Board of Licensure of Foresters.

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