Vendor Information

Who is a Vendor?

Vendors can represent anyone receiving money from the State of Maine; such as service providers, clients, businesses and employees.

How does a Vendor receive payment?

To receive money from the State of Maine you must be enrolled in the State's vendor payment system (vendor file).

How to enroll in the vendor payment system?

To enroll in the vendor file, you must fill out and submit the Vendor Activation Form by U.S. Postal Mail to the Agency you are doing business with (e.g. Dept of Human Services, Dept of Labor, etc.). The Agency will enter the information into the system.

You MUST fill out the forms completely. Forms with missing information will NOT be processed. Please refer to the instructions for assistance in filling out the form.


NOTE: If you are a vendor wishing to bid for contracts and commodities with the State of Maine, please see the tab for Bidding Vendors.


Additional Information
Vendor Activation/Change W9 Form and Instructions - See Forms Page: Vendor #1
Vendor Deactivation Form - See Forms Page: Vendor #2