Insurance Services

Insurance is generally regarded as a financial tool used to minimize the financial impact of unexpected events or occurrences.

The Risk Management Division is responsible for the acquisition and administration of all insurance purchased by the State. Both self insurance and commercial insurance policies are used to insure the State's risk of loss.

By utilizing self insurance whenever possible, the State has:

  • Greater control over handling its losses and related program expenses
  • Insurance for its unique risks
  • Insurance that is predictably available
  • Insurance that is not subject to commercial insurance market cycles which often result in wide price fluctuations.

The State purchases commercial insurance:

  • To cover State activities that are not prudent to self-insure
  • As excess coverage
  • To make the financial unpredictability of events more predictable.

We offer several standard insurance products, and in most cases can work with you to secure any other insurance product your organization might want or need. Please visit any of the following types of insurance to see more information. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call our office.


Boats and Watercraft

Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Employee Bonding

Miscellaneous Specialty Policies

Police Professional Liability


Tort Liability including General, Professional, Directors and Officers


Insurance coverage or billing matters: Sheena Greenlaw,, 287-3356

Vehicle use agreements (VUA's), Insurance certificates,,  287-3355