Internal Policy Regarding Garnishments

Garnishments include, but are not limited to, the following; Internal Revenue Service Notice of Levy for past due taxes, Maine Revenue Service request for set off for past due taxes, Department of Health & Human Services support enforcement garnishment, Department of Labor garnishment for past due unemployment taxes or any other governmental agency; federal or state issuing garnishment on a vendor of the State of Maine. This may also include a “freezing of assets”.

All garnishments on State of Maine vendors will have payments redirected to the agency requesting the garnishment. Due to system limitations with our accounting system, full payment will be redirected via check to the agency, not a percentage.

In order for the garnishment to be released, the agency requesting garnishment MUST notify the Office of the State Controller, in writing, once the garnishment has been satisfied. This includes onetime and continuous garnishment payments. Once released, the normal payment process to the vendor will be resumed.

Garnishment Policy (PDF)