Chart Of Accounts

Manual & Reference Material
Description Date Format
3.11 Chart of Accounts & General Accounting Manual 10/30/2019 PDF
FY2024 Balance Sheet Codes 07/18/2023 Excel / PDF
FY2024 Object Codes 07/18/2023 Excel / PDF
FY2024 Revenue Source Codes 07/18/2023 Excel / PDF
3.11 Setting up a Contact Code Instructions 10/28/2019 PDF

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Contact Codes

A contact code is a 3 or 4 digit code generated from Advantage that represents an individual as a point of contact.

*See instructions above for generating a contact code.

Reporting Units

A reporting unit is way to classify or break down transactions within an appropriation. These codes are determined by each department and used for more specific reporting. A new unit is created by the Controller's Office per a request from a department.

Requests are filtered through Coordinators who supply the forms to OSC. Please see the following list for your coordinator:
Agency Reporting Unit Request Coordinators

Unit Request Information

  • A unit request must be received by OSC no later than 2:30PM in order to be entered for next business day. Any request received after 2:30PM will be processed in two business days.
  • Once a unit has been inactivated, it will not not be reactivated.This must be an absolute last resort.
  • Units require justification and reconciliation to be inactivated.
  • Units are inactivated at the Sub-unit level as many units may roll up to multiple appropriations. Inactivating at the Sub-unit level allows for more flexibility in reporting.
  • Unit names are not recommended to be changed. They may be revised for typo errors or as long as the reporting procedure for audit purposes remains identical.
    • For example, if a unit name has been called "Licenses" and has historical expense data attached to it, changing the name to "Storage" would be unacceptable.

Advantage Reporting Unit Request Form - See Forms page: Accounting #2 & #3.