Risk Management

State of Maine government is involved in a large number of diverse activities, spread out over a large geographic area. The State is responsible for government functions that must continue because they are essential to an orderly and reasonably safe society. Any level of loss can become significant, especially when those losses compromise the State's ability to carry out its organizational missions.

This is where Risk Management comes in. The risk management process is a specialized version of traditional problem solving. It addresses the set of business asset management that deal with losses and exposures to loss.

Who are we?

We are insurance, claims and loss control professionals. We pride ourselves on integrity, innovation, dedication to protection of lives and property, and good stewardship of the State's assets. We are committed to providing high-quality insurance, loss control and claims services to all state agencies, the State's higher educational institutions and some quasi-state agencies all at the lowest possible cost. This website will provide you with access to some of our services. Please check our site often, as we intend to keep it current and useful.


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Risk Management Insures:

Risk Management Insures