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Risk Management serves as the State's own insurance company insuring State vehicles for liability and State property for most unforeseen losses as well as most State agencies for general liability and employment practices. The majority of lawsuits covered under the Risk Management Programs are defended by the Attorney General's Office. However, in certain circumstances, outside counsel is hired to represent the interest of the State. 

Any incident which could lead to the filing of a lawsuit/claim against a State employee or Agency must be reported. If you are served with a lawsuit or a notice of claim, you should IMMEDIATELY notify your direct supervisor, Attorney General’s office, and Risk Management. Any email or contact inquiries pertaining to a claim or lawsuit should be directed to Risk Management.

Automobile Liability Claims

Risk Management provides liability coverage to agencies that participate in the program for accidents involving State vehicles and in limited instances, for personal vehicles being used in the performance of official duties.

The driver of any vehicle involved in any accident must call Risk Management and their Supervisor immediately if there is any injury or significant property damage.

Complete the ACCIDENT/INCIDENT form located in your vehicle's glove box and send to Risk Management Division within 24 hours of the accident. All vehicle incidents must be reported including minor property damage.

Risk Management cannot do its job unless accidents are reported in a timely manner. It is imperative that all auto incidents, regardless of damages, are reported timely. 

General Liability Claims

Liability insurance is available to participating agencies and their employees for claims arising out of the performance of that agency's function and claims are handled pursuant to the Maine Tort Claims Act, Title 14, Chapter 741. Any allegation of any kind of property damage or any kind of personal or bodily injury made against any State employee or State agency should immediately be reported to Risk Management. The only notable exception would be for employees of the Dept. of Transportation who should report to their Legal Services division.

If you are served with a lawsuit or a notice of claim, you should IMMEDIATELY notify your supervisor, Attorney General’s Office, and Risk Management.

Property Claims

The Risk Management Division is responsible for insuring first-party losses to State owned property such as buildings and contents, as well as any other property in which the State has an insurable interest.

Property losses should be reported immediately upon discovery. When reporting a claim, include the name and address of the building or property, the date of loss, the cause of loss, and the estimated extent of the damage. In the event of an emergency, you need to make the necessary repairs to protect your property from further damage. Do not dispose of damaged equipment before speaking to an employee of the Risk Management Division.


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