Accounts Payable

Manual & Reference Material
Description Date Format
Accounts Payable Manual 3.9 02/19/2016 PDF
CEC Document Instructions 3.9 06/14/2011 PDF
3.11 GAX Document Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 PRC Document Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 IET Document Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 Payment Request for Multiple CT Documents Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 Multiple Invoices to Pay a Single Contract Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF
3.11 Vendor Invoice Payment Inquiry Instructions 10/15/2019 PDF

**Documents are supplied in PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader for viewing or printing. If you need an alternate format, please contact us via email or phone (207-626-8420).

Please see the Accounting FAQ section for further information regarding payments.

Section Objectives:

  • Use Accounting Templates and Profiles to quickly populate the appropriate accounting elements on accounting lines
  • Establish invoices for Commodity Based Awards
  • Establish payments for Commodity Based Awards
  • Use Advantage Copy Forward functionality to establish payment documents
  • Establish a payment against a Master Agreement using the Master Agreement Search
  • Establish payments for non commodity-based accounts payable business scenarios (Straight Disbursements, Revenue Refunds, Loan Payments, Encumbrance corrections)
  • Establish a Travel Document
  • Establish a Payment for Internal Vendors
  • Modify payment documents
  • Track payments through the process using the Disbursement tables

Accounts Payable is the business function whereby the State's obligation to pay an external or internal vendor is recorded and the actual disbursement of funds is established in an efficient and timely manner; with proper referencing; within the explicit terms of the contract, if applicable; and with all due flexibility.

The State of Maine uses Accounts Payable to pay for goods and services, including utilities, lease agreements, professional and non-professional services and inventory items. This section will teach the user how to perform accounts payable business processes in Advantage.