Mutual Aid

Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement

Maine's Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement provides local first responders with easy access to large quantities of resources or specialties that may be needed in a major fire, disaster or other major emergency or event.  The Agreement does not replace existing mutual aid agreements among neighboring jurisdictions.  It augments them by laying out procedures to move resources from any community in the State to assist any other community.  Maine State Statute stipulates that all Maine political subdivisions are covered by the Agreement, but may opt out of it at any time by enacting an ordinance to that effect.

Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC)

EMAC is a mutual aid agreement among US States and Territories. Through EMAC, a state overwhelmed by a catastrophic disaster can request specific resources from its partners, the other states. Each member state has adopted identical authorizing legislation, which lays out how such issues as cost reimbursement, liability and workers compensation will be handled. Administrative procedures are worked out well in advance, so that aid can move quickly during the response to an emergency.

International Emergency Management Assistance Compact (IEMAC)

IEMAC is a mutual aid agreement between northeastern states and the eastern Canadian provinces. Signatories to IEMAC have established protocols to share personnel and equipment in a major emergency. IEMAC is known in Canada as the International Emergency Management Assistance Memorandum of Understanding (IEMAMOU). The International Emergency Management Group (IEMG) meets twice a year to review protocols and improve coordination.