Maine Information and Analysis Center (MIAC)

State of Maine Seal

The Maine Information and Analysis Center (MIAC), a program of the Maine Department of Public Safety, is Maine's designated "fusion center." The MIAC's mission is to to collect, analyze and appropriately share intelligence between the federal government and the State of Maine. The MIAC also provides analytical and investigative support for crimes of a complex, organized or statewide nature.

The MIAC accomplishes this task through processes of intelligence collection, contextual analysis, and dissemination to its federal, state, county, and municipal public partners as well as relevant private sectors.

The MIAC is also a resource to help Maine citizens do their part in helping to keep Maine safe. Citizens are encouraged to contact the Center when they observe or learn of suspicious persons, incidents or activity that may arouse their concerns. The information will be evaluated and referred to the appropriate agency if warranted.

For more information, visit the MIAC website.