Frequently Asked Questions

I notice the SCIP Appendices and Figures in the MEMA Communications Document Library are not accessible. How do I get access to these documents?

These documents are intended for public safety organizations and not intended for general public access. Public Safety organizations or personnel involved with public safety organizations can request access by sending their request to Requests will be screened and eligible requests will be e-mailed application forms to complete and return. Once received, reviewed and approved, applicants will be e-mailed instructions and a password to gain access to these documents.

What do I do if I can't find the Category Code for chargers or accessories listed in the Authorized Equipment List (AEL) that supports the equipment I am applying for?

Use the Category Code for the item(s) that you want to purchase accessories and indicate that the item(s) you want is a component of the item that has a Category Code.

What is MSCommNet and how is it going to lead to better communications?

The Maine State Communication Network System Replacement Program (MSCommNet Project) will provide a Statewide Radio Frequency Based Voice and Data Communication System Replacement. This will be a multi-phased program. Currently Phase I and Phase II have been defined. Each of these program phases will be defined as projects that may also include phases.

Phase I of the MSCommNet Project program has been completed and provided the procurement process that culminated in a contract for Phase II engineering and consulting services for the communication system replacement. Phase II of the MSCommNet Project program has also been completed and has provided the basis for Phase III Implementation Stages. This includes the following stages: Site Stage, Microwave Stage and Two Way Stage. Each of the stages will be defined as separate projects and the current plan is to implement the stages in parallel.

Why do some cellular companies allow first responders to hang equipment and others do not?

The ability for Towns and Public Safety officials to utilize private sector towers needs to be part of contract and negotiation terms. This should be done early on during the conversations with the Cellular companies. Many counties and towns have incorporated this as part of the contracts.