Maine Basic Emergency Manager Training Program

MEMA and Maine's County Emergency Management Directors have instituted a "basic training" curriculum for local EMA Directors. The training is a combination of online and classroom courses and workshops. Upon finishing all courses, students will receive a completion certificate from MEMA.

Current Recognized Local Emergency Managers

Steps to Earn Basic Local Emergency Manager Recognition:

  1. Local Director completes all required training courses as listed on curriculum guidance and requests certification from County EMA.
  2. County EMA to review student request and verify training in accordance to published training guidance.
  3. County Director forwards request for certification to MEMA Training Officer along with supporting documentation.
  4. MEMA Training Officer reviews County request and verifies training is in accordance with published training guidance.
  5. MEMA Training Officer approves request and provides appropriate level of certification endorsed by MEMA Director and Training Officer to requesting County.
Level 1 – Director Orientation
Independent Study
IS 559 Local Damage Assessment
IS 700.a Introduction to NIMS
IS 100.b Introduction to Incident Command System;
IS 230.d Fundamentals of Emergency Management
IS 800.b National Response Framework
Interactive Training
County Workshop Emergency Operations & Reporting
County Workshop Assessment and Reporting
Level 2 – Practical Application
Classroom or Combo Online/Group Session
G 191 ICS/EOC Interface
G 235 Emergency Planning
G 139 Exercise Design or HSEEP
G 703 NIMS Resource Management
Interactive Training
County Workshop Disaster Recovery
County Workshop SERC/LEPC Overview