LCYDC Chaplaincy Service Visits

When a resident asks for a visit from their clergy from the community, a visit is coordinated. Social workers or Unit Managers assure that parents have indicated their approval and support before such a visit is scheduled. In addition to worship services for Protestant and Catholic Christians, other faith groups may meet when there are enough residents to form a group and a representative of that faith is willing to lead a group.

Concerts, guest speakers, worship bands and movies with a positive message are sponsored by the Chaplain's Office. In addition to worship experiences and study groups, the chaplain provides individual pastoral care and counseling for life and faith issues. The chaplain provides individual support for residents that want or need grief and loss counseling. Social workers may contact the chaplain's office requesting such support at the resident's request. The chaplain will accompany residents attending funeral services when requested and approved by the facility.

With the help of area clergy, trained volunteers and mentors, the chaplain seeks to provide religious values based education and nurture the personal growth of individuals. It is our purpose to see the practice of faith and spirituality integrated into daily life empowering residents to succeed and flourish when they return to their community.