Resources - Physical Education

School districts make decisions about the identification of additional resources that will support teachers and students in their learning and understanding of physical education. The Maine Department of Education has compiled the following resources to assist local schools in their efforts and does not endorse any particular program or website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any waivers/exemption to the physical education requirement?

No. Band and/or participation in sports are not substitutes for physical education. Multiple pathways to learning do provide a variety of choices for students to demonstrate proficiency in the three Maine Learning Result Standards for physical education: movement/motor skills and knowledge; physical fitness activities and knowledge; and personal and social skills and knowledge. Alternative classes need to be taught by a certified physical education teacher.

What is the recommended amount of time for physical education in Maine?

Maine does not have a seat time requirement for any of the eight content areas. National recommendations suggestions are 150 minutes per week at the elementary level and 225 minutes per week during the entire school year for middle school and high school students

How do I become certified to teach physical education in Maine?

Go to the Certification landing page  If you have not been certified, click on the initial credentialing link on the left side or if already certified click on the renewal button.


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