April 1 Enrollment Reporting Opens 4/1

April 1 Reporting Newsroom Announcement

April 1 Enrollment Report Instructions

Recorded Webinar 3/21/23 Webinar

Q3 Reporting Opening 4/1 - Due 4/15


Upcoming Webinars:

Homeless Data Entry Webinar: April 25 @ 11am Join Here! *No Registration Required

ESEA Demographics Webinar: May 2 @ 10am Join Here! *No Registration Required

Maine Schools Application Webinar: May 9 @ 10am Join Here! *No Registration Required

End of Year Enrollment Exits: May 23 @ 10am Join Here! *No Registration Required


Current Issues:

  • NEO DC&R Calendar is not showing reports as submitted: Teams have been asked to check-in the reports.
  • Synergy Uploads are intermittently not Enrolling/Exiting students, despite no errors: Synergy Investigating.
  • Synergy Uploads are returning "Fatal Error": Synergy Investigating.


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