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Asynchronous, Accessible to All, and Student-Paced

  • Modules are licensed as creative commons and available for reuse with or without modification.
  • Learn with MOOSE is free and open to all, no sign up required.
  • Modules are designed to be accessible and inclusive of all learners.

Designed and Created by Maine Educators for Maine Students

  • Each module is aligned to the Maine Learning Results.
  • Modules are project-based and student-centered.
  • Modules are designed for all Maine students.

Integrated Learning Progressions

  • Each module surrounds a specific topic (i.e. climate science, computer science, holocaust and genocide, STEM, career education).
  • Each topic area aligns through a PK-12 Sequence.
  • Modules within a topic area follow a common “thread”, from PK-12.

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