RREV - All Current Awardees!   

RREV Awardees

Awardees in the News!

  1. RSU 20
    Move to Hands On Curriculum!
  2. RSU 9
    Oxbow Outdoor ... Outdoor & Experiential Learning!
  3. MSAD 60 Noble
    A Year of Success and Innovation
  4. MSAD 17 Agnes Gray Elementary School
    A Year of Success and Innovation
  5. Brewer
    Brewer's NU Program ... Expands!
  6. RSU 25 Bucksport
    Bucksport Outdoor Classroom
  7. School Union 76
    Union 76 Take the Classroom Outside
  8. St. George
    St. George Dreams Big!
  9. RSU 22 - Hampden Academy
    Hampden Academy Corral
  10. News Center Maine Shares RREV News!
    News Center Story
  11. School Union 76 - Deer Isle-Stonington
    Blazing An Educational Trail
  12. School Union 76 - Deer Isle-Stonington
    Mickie Flores receives PAEMST award
  13. Brewer
    Brewer's NU Program
  14. MSAD 17 - Agnes Gray Elementary
    Teaching Outside: The Box!

EnGiNE - RREV's Collaboration Portal

The Reinventing, Remote, Education, Venture (RREV) is putting Maine educators on the forefront of cutting-edge innovation! The Maine Dept of Education has been awarded $16.9 million to support and develop projects which will strengthen a culture of innovation in PK-12 education making Maine educators the nation’s leaders when it comes to innovation in and outside of our classrooms.

RREV provides an opportunity for visionary educators to develop innovative pilot programs to address the needs of students in remote and hybrid settings through new and creative ventures. RREV is flooding our state with innovative practices, professional development, and pilot design classes. Courses in innovative design process are available through several of Maine’s public and private universities at no cost to Maine educators who wish to participate. In addition to the innovative pilot development classes, we are also offering asynchronous, innovative principles webinars which are available to all educators in self-paced/ independent modules.

All RREV resources will be available in one centralized web-based location called (EnGiNE) which will serve as a collaboration hub for teams of educators to share innovative ideas, new programs and troubleshoot the implementation of the innovative new pilot programs. Engine will be up and running in early June.

We look forward to working with you and your team to create innovative opportunities for Maine’s future.

RREV Infographic small version.

RREV's Backstory

The Maine Department of Education (DOE) has been awarded $16.9 million from the U.S. Department of Education’s Rethink K-12 Education Models Funding. Maine is one of 11 States to receive funding. Maine’s project, Rethinking Remote Education Ventures (RREV) offers a multi-pronged solution with a primary goal of generating innovative remote learning models to provide equitable access to high quality remote learning opportunities for all students. RREV will provide statewide resources and supports through professional development, coursework, and guided engagement in effective use of design processes to empower educators and school leaders as authentic research and development professionals. As new remote learning models are designed and piloted, they will be made widely available through an open-source community of practice platform to support collegial sharing, ongoing critical feedback, and continual revision and improvement to sustain a culture of innovation and to foster statewide access to exciting remote learning models. The project design centers around the belief that by both building capacity for innovative mindsets in education and supporting the design and implementation of the innovative ideas that are generated, we can develop and support agile, effective, and resilient learning experiences that are responsive to local priorities and improve learning outcomes for all students.


We'll share information and updates here so that all who are interested have the most up-to-date information. Thank you again for your interest! We look forward to working with you!

-Maine DOE RREV Team


Elaine Bartley
RREV Project Director

Beth Lambert
Chief Teaching and Learning Officer

Page Nichols
Chief Innovation Officer