Adapted Physical Education

The Maine Department of Education is committed to ensuring high-quality physical education programs for all learners. Adapted physical education is a comprehensive service delivery system established to assure that a child with a disability and identified needs has an appropriate physical education program. Problems within the psychomotor domain can be addressed by providing individualized programming, instruction in a variety of ways, ecologically based assessments, and modification of traditional physical education activities and equipment.

These adapted services are delivered in many forms, including regular physical education class with few modifications; physical education class with support, adaptations, specialized equipment, and compensatory rules; and physical education class augmented with additional adapted physical education instruction. Although rare, some students with disabilities’ needs are best met in separate adapted physical education classes, but this offering should be pursued only after all other options have been explored. 

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Dr. Carolyn Gross
Physical Education and Health Education Specialist
Coordinated School Health Team
(207) 441-9043