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In 2022, The Maine Department of Education (Maine DOE) created the Annual Summit to promote its vision of:

  • A vibrant and respected educator workforce that innovates, leads, and inspires.
  • Learning environments that are safe and supportive for all.
  • A pathway to success in school and in life for every student.
  • Schools that are trusted centers of the community that foster meaningful civic participation and propel Maine’s economy.
  • Schools that foster the potential for all to lead purposeful lives.

We thoughtfully and strategically add components each year to bring more support and information to our educators and partners in promoting school safety and other agencies with the whole student’s needs at the forefront of their missions. We will always strive to increase the information and support that is the signature of the Annual Summit. Allowing adequate time and space for collaboration among the attendees is also a high priority. This valuable exchange creates a community of support that can follow the attendees throughout the academic year. Many of the presentations are the launch of continued support offered through the MDOE.

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Annual Summit Feedback

First and foremost, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the ME Educator Summit! I attended the Safety Summit last year in Windham, but WOW, am I glad I had the opportunity to attend the Educator Summit with the Safety Summit combined. It was GREAT! The inclusion that happened made my typical black sheep of education, transportation department heart, nothing less than full and happy! So again, THANK YOU!

As we enter the final day of the Education Summit, I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work in getting everyone together. I am well aware of how much work this entails behind the scenes and the speakers, presentations, and networking had been incredibly impressive. Thank you for making the State of Maine a leader in school safety

[...] I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed the summit. I hadn’t been to an in-person conference since before Covid and it was so nice to see and have actual conversations with so many educators. I also want to share that like many others, last year was extremely challenging for me, especially on my teacher heart. I needed some inspiration and just good vibes. I feel like I have rediscovered my “why” for being an educator and now more than ever I feel ready to put forth the energy needed to lessen these gaps. Thank you for that!



Teri Peaslee
Educator Summit Coordinator
Phone: 207-530-7672