English Language Arts/Literacy

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Literacy is a basic human right, achievable by all students.  Today's learners need to know how to read, write, speak and communicate effectively in order to survive in an ever-changing and challenging global society.  English Language Arts/Literacy is the foundation for learning in all content areas. 

The Maine Department of Education is committed to the development of strong language and literacy skills for all Maine learners because literacy is the foundation for learning across disciplines. With world-class English language arts and literacy standards (updated 2020), Literacy for ME: a Statewide Literacy Plan, and support for Early Learning and Development, Maine DOE provides learners of all ages, as well as their families, communities and educators, with a pathway to achievement.  

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Learn with MOOSE! To provide anytime, anywhere learning options and resources for educators, students and their families, the Maine Department of Education, in collaboration with curriculum coordinators, Maine educational community organizations, museums, learning centers, and Maine educators, is creating a library of asynchronous learning modules that are aligned to Maine’s Learning Results. MOOSE is an acronym that stands for Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education. This website contains a learning library of assorted project-based learning experiences. Modules are self-paced and offer variety and choice in activities and topics.