2013 Healthcare Reviews

Below are the Certificate of Need healthcare reviews conducted for the year 2013.

Hospital/Acute Care Reviews

Central Maine Healthcare/Parkview Adventist Medical Center - Acquisition of Control

Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems

Lincoln County Health Care

Maine Medical Center - Capital Expenditures to Expand and Renovate OR Capacity

Mid Coast Hospital - Consolidate Healthcare Services

Not Subject to Review

Genesis Health Care (Indirect Interest Transfers)

Mount St. Joseph

OA Centers for Orthopedics (MRI Acquisitions)

OA Center for Orthopedics (Capital Expenditures)

Treats Falls House

Waldo County General Hospital Retail Pharmacy

Nursing Facility Reviews

CASA, Inc. - Replacement Facility

Cummings Health Care Facility - Transfer of Shares

Cummings Health Care Facility - Change of Ownership

Freeport Nursing - Transfer of Operations

Gorham House

Hibbard Nursing Home, Inc.

Island Nursing Home - Renovation of Existing Facility

Kennebunk Operations LLC - Change Mix NF/SNF & RC Beds

Madigan Estates

North Country Associates, Inc. - Purchase of Market Square in So. Paris

St. Andrews Village Nursing Facility

Scarborough Operations LLC, dba Pine Point Center

Treats Falls House, Inc.

VK Health Facilities, LLC

VK Health Facilities, LLC Westgate

Other Reviews

Dialysis Clinic, Inc.

Spectrum Medical Group

Subsequent Reviews - 2013

Henrietta D. Goodall Hospital, Inc.