Temporary Nurse Agencies

Temporary Nurse Agencies

A Temporary Nurse Agency is a business entity or subdivision thereof of a business entity that primarily provides nurses, certified nursing assistants and other qualified staff to another organization on a temporary basis within the State of Maine. A temporary nurse agency does not include an agency licensed in the State of Maine as a home health care services provider.

There have been recent changes in legislation regarding Temporary Nurse Agencies (TNA Notice 10/3/2023)

How to Apply for Registration

To apply to be registered, complete the appropriate application and submit with the required documentation and fees as detailed in the application form and in the appropriate state regulations.

Changes after initial registration:

The TNA must report the following changes to DLC:

  • Changes of ownership (CHOW)
  • *Change of the agency’s name;
  • *Change of agency’s address;
  • *Change of person in charge;
  • Change in person in charge’s email address;
  • Change in agency’s email address;
  • Temporary closure; and
  • Permanent closure.

CHOW: No registration is transferable from one owner to another owner. Please contact DLC for CHOW requirements.

*Changes in the agency’s name, address change, and change in person in charge requires a revised registration which is subject to a processing fee of $10.00 per 22 MRSA §1723.

To notify DLC of changes please use this form – TNA Change Notice