Assisted Housing

The Assisted Housing Program is a regulatory program authorized by 22 MRS Chapters 1663 and 1664 as well as 22-A MRS §205(2). The program licenses Assisted Living, Residential Care Facilities, and Adult Day programs.

How to Apply

To apply to have a facility licensed or renewed, complete the appropriate application and submit with the required documentation and fees as detailed in the application form. These application forms are "fillable." Please save the form to your computer and complete it by typing the required information into the fields provided. You can then print your completed form, sign, and submit via mail.

Infection Prevention and Control

New rule adopted on June 4, 2021. This rule applies to all settings licensed under Chapter 113. 10-144 CMR. 113 Assisted Housing Infection and Control (PDF).

Assisted Living Programs

An Assisted Living program is a facility that offers services to residents in private apartments. There are two types of Assisted Living programs. Type I provides only medication administration, and type II provides medication administration and nursing services.  Assisted Living Program Rules (Word)

Residential Care Facilities

A Residential Care Facility is a facility that offers services to residents in private, or semi-private, bedrooms. Some Residential Care Facilities that receive MaineCare funding are known as Private Non-Medical Institutions (PNMIs) and are governed by a separate set of rules.

 There are four levels of Residential Care Facilities:

  1. a facility with a licensed capacity of one (1) to two (2) residents.
    Level I Rules (Word)
    PNMI Level I Rules (Word)
  2. a facility with a licensed capacity of three (3) to six (6) residents.
    Level II Rules (Word)
    PNMI Level II Rules (Word)
  3. a facility with a licensed capacity of three (3) to (6) residents and which employs three (3) or more persons who are not owners and are not related to the owner.
    Level III Rules (Word)
    PNMI Level III Rules (Word)
  4. a facility with a licensed capacity of more than six (6) residents
    Level IV Rules (Word)
    PNMI Level IV Rules (Word)

Adult Day Programs

An Adult Day Program offers therapeutic activities and supervision of adults in group settings. Adult Day Rules (Word)

Water Testing Requirements Due with Applications 

All facilities or agencies  / locations or sites with private wells are required to complete the Basic Safety Test (TSA) of their well water prior to filing an initial or renewal application. A copy of the test results should be submitted to DLC with their applications.

Water test kits can be ordered from the Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory at the following web site:


Facilities can apply for a waiver of specific regulations that are not mandated by state or federal law, and do not violate resident rights by submitting a waiver request application. Request for Waiver Application (PDF)

Changes to an Existing Facility License

Changes to a facility license such as a change of administrator or a change in the capacity of the facility require an application and approval by the Division of Licensing & Certification.