Non-Medical Agencies

Family Provider Service Option

Family Provider Service Option (FPSO) is a self-directed option for an individual 21-years or older receiving certain MaineCare and state services. The individual must register as a Family Provider Service Option to manage his/her own service for up to two adult family members. DLC registers the individuals as a Family Provider Service Option.

Personal Care Agencies

Personal Care Agencies provide non-medical services to individuals in their homes. Personal Care services include, but are not limited to:

  • Activities of Daily Living (i.e., mobility, transfers, dressing, eating, etc.)
  • Household Tasks (i.e., shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc.)
  • Medication Reminders

DLC registers these agencies only.

State Regulations

Temporary Nurse Agencies

A Temporary Nurse Agencies is a business entity or subdivision thereof that provides nurses to another organization on a temporary basis within the State of Maine.

DLC registers these agencies only.

Placement Agencies

Placement Agencies are any person or entity engaged for gain or profit in the business of securing or attempting to secure home care services work for an individual. A Placement Agency includes, but is not limited to:

  • employment agencies
  • nurse registries
  • any other entity that places a home care services worker for hire by a consumer in that consumer's residence for purposes of providing home care services.

DLC registers these agencies only.

How to Apply for Registration

To apply to be registered, complete the appropriate application and submit with the required documentation and fees as detailed in the application form and in the appropriate state regulations.