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2022 Ice Out Dates for Maine Lakes

Ice Out Dates Last Updated: May 23, 2022 6:40 AM

Lake Name Town Ice Reported Out
Lower Narrows Pond Winthrop 04/05/22
Haley Pond Rangeley, Dallas Plt. 04/27/22
Fish River Lake T14 R8 WELS, T13 R8 WELS 05/05/22
Narrow Pond T8 R14 WELS 05/05/22
Crescent Pond Rainbow twp. 05/05/22
Allagash Lake T7 R14 WELS, T8 R14 WELS 05/05/22
Big Reed Pond T8 R10 WELS 05/05/22
Haymock Lake T8 R11 WELS, T7 R11 WELS 05/05/22
Priestly Lake T10 R13 WELS 05/05/22
Eagle Lake Eagle Lake Twp, Soper Mtn Twp., T7 R12 WELS 05/05/22
Churchill Lake T9 R12 WELS 05/05/22
Cliff Lake T9 R12 WELS, Soper Mountain Twp. 05/05/22
Spider Lake T9 R12 WELS, T9 R11 WELS 05/05/22
Harrow Lake T10 R12 WELS, T10 R11 WELS 05/05/22
Big Pleasant Pond TA R11 WELS 05/05/22
Round Pond T7 R14 WELS 05/05/22
Beau lake T19 R11 WELS 05/05/22
Glazier Lake T18 R10 WELS 05/05/22
Dickwood Lake Eagle Lake 05/05/22
Sly Brook Lakes (inc. Second & Third) New Canada 05/05/22
Square Lake Square Lake Twp., T15 R5 WELS 05/05/22
Umsaskis Lake T11R13 WELS 05/03/22
St. Froid Lake Winterville Plt. 05/03/22
Munsungan Lake T8R10 WELS, T8R9 WELS 05/03/22
Rangeley Lake Rangeley, Rangeley Plt 05/05/22
Cross Lake Cross Lake Twp., Square Lake Twp. 05/04/22
Eagle Lake Eagle Lake, T16 R6 WELS 05/04/22
Long Lake St. Agatha, T17 R4 WELS, T17 R3 WELS 05/05/22
Long lake T11 R13 WELS, T12 R13 WELS 05/01/22
Chamberlain Lake T6 R11 WELS, T6 R12 WELS, T7 R12 WELS, T7 R13 WELS 05/01/22
Mooselookmeguntic Lake/Cupsuptic Lake Adamstown, Rangeley, Rangeley Plt.,Richardsontown Twp. 05/03/22
Telos & Round Pond T6 R11 WELS, T5 R11 WELS 05/01/22
Moosehead Lake Greenville, Rockwood, Lily Bay, NE Carry Twp. 04/28/22
Pleasant Pond Island Falls 04/28/22
Big Wood Lake Jackman 04/28/22
Millinocket Lake Millinocket area 04/26/22
Howard Pond Hannover 04/21/22
Pemadumcook Chain of Lakes T4 Indian Purchase, T3 Indian Purchase, T1 R9 WELS, T1 R10 WELS 04/26/22
Gull Pond Dallas Plt. 04/25/22
Center Pond Sangerville 04/13/22
Puffers Pond (aka Echo Lake) Dexter 04/12/22
Lake Wassookeag Dexter 04/15/22
Shin Pond (Lower) Mount Chase, T5R7 04/22/22
Nickerson Lake New Limerick 04/25/22
Bauneg Beg Lake N. Berwick, Sanford 04/02/22
Lake Anasagunticook Canton 04/11/22
Sand Pond Litchfield 04/02/22
Clearwater Pond Industry, Farmington 04/17/22
Deering Lake (aka Longfellow Lake) Weston, Orient 04/22/22
Kingsbury Pond Kingsbury 04/18/22
Whetstone Pond Abbot, Kingsbury, Blanchard 04/21/22
Middle Jo-Mary Lake TA R10 WELS, T4 Indian Purchase Twp. 04/20/22
East Grand Lake Danforth, Weston, Forest City 04/19/22
Sebec Lake Bowerbank, Willimantic, Dover Foxcroft, Sebec 04/20/22
Roxbury Pond (Ellis P) Roxbury, Byron 04/16/22
Schoodic Lake Lake View Plt., Brownville, T4R9NWP 04/18/22
Cold Stream Pond Enfield 04/15/22
Tufts Pond Kingfield 04/18/22
Webb Lake Weld 04/17/22
Embden Pond Embden 04/15/22
West Grand Lake Grand Lake Str,, T6ND BPP, Sakom Twp., T6 R1 NBPP 04/16/22
Kezar Lake Lovell 04/14/22
Varnum Pond Temple 04/12/22
Mattanawcook Lake Lincoln 04/11/22
Great Moose Lake Hartland, Harmony 04/12/22
Parker Pond Fayette, Mt. Vernon, Vienna, Chesterville 04/10/22
Flying Pond Vienna, Mt. Vernon 04/12/22
Donnell Pond T9 SD, Franklin 04/12/22
Lake Christopher (aka Bryant Pond) Woodstock 04/12/22
Keewaydin Lake Stoneham 04/11/22
Keyes Pond Sweden 04/11/22
Sandy Pond Embden 04/10/22
Harriman Pond Dedham 04/04/22
Big Indian Pond St. Albans 04/10/22
West Lake T3ND, T40MD 04/08/22
The Basin Minot 04/09/22
Moose Pond Bridgton, Denmark, Sweden 04/09/22
Little Pushaw Pond Hudson 04/09/22
Stanley Pond Hiram, Porter 04/07/22
Labrador Pond (Big) Sumner 04/10/22
Wesserunsett Lake Madison 04/12/22
Highland Lake Bridgton 04/08/22
Hopkins Pond Mariaville, Clifton 04/08/22
Great Pond Belgrade, Rome 04/07/22
Thompson Lake Oxford, Otisfield, Casco and Poland 04/07/22
Pleasant Lake Stetson 04/05/22
Messalonskee Lake (aka Snow Pond) Oakland, Sidney, Belgrade 04/07/22
North Pond Smithfield, Mercer, Rome 04/07/22
Lake Auburn Auburn 04/07/22
Cathance Lake Cooper 04/07/22
Big Lake (inc. Long & Lewey lakes) Princeton, Grand Lake Str, Big Lake Twp, Greenlaw Chopping Twp 04/07/22
Clary Lake Whitefield 03/31/22
Sebasticook Lake Newport 04/07/22
Nash's Lake Calais 04/07/22
Long Pond Belgrade, Mt. Vernon 04/07/22
Lake St. George Liberty 04/04/22
Maranacook Lake Winthrop, Readfield 04/06/22
Crawford Lake Crawford 04/05/22
Conic Lake Baring 04/05/22
Long Lake Naples, Bridgton, Harrison 04/06/22
Swan Lake Swanville 04/04/22
Moose Pond Otisfield 04/05/22
Pocomoonshine Lake Princeton, Alexander 04/05/22
Green Pond Oxford 04/05/22
Salmon Lake / McGrath Pond Oakland, Belgrade 04/04/22
Whittier Pond Vienna 04/04/22
Tripp Pond Poland 04/04/22
Pleasant Lake Casco,Otisfield 04/04/22
Hermon Pond Hermon 04/04/22
Green Lake Dedham, Ellsworth 04/04/22
Sabbathday Lake New Gloucester 04/02/22
Crescent Lake Raymond, Casco 04/04/22
Phillips Lake (Lucerne Lake) Lucerne 04/04/22
Chemo Pond Bradley, Clifton and Eddington 04/02/22
Middle and Lower Range Pond Poland 04/04/22
Mousam Lake Acton, Shapleigh 03/31/22
Little Sebago Lake Gray, Windham 04/04/22
Pequawket Lake Brownfield 04/03/22
China Lake Vassalboro, China, Windsor 04/02/22
Pleasant Pond Richmond, Litchfield, W. Gardiner 04/03/22
Toddy Pond Orland, Penobscot, Surry, Blue Hill 04/02/22
Alamoosook Lake Orland 04/02/22
Sheepscot Pond Palermo 04/03/22
Pushaw Pond Orono, Glenburn, Hudson, Old Town 04/07/22
East Pond Oakland, Smithfield 04/02/22
Panther Pond Raymond 04/02/22
Meddybemps Lake Meddybemps, Alexander, Baring Plt., Baileyville 04/03/22
Sennebec Pond Union, Appleton 04/02/22
Brewer Lake Orrington, Holden 04/02/22
Raymond Pond Raymond 04/02/22
Pennamaquan Lake (Charlotte Lake) Charlotte. Pembrook 04/02/22
Paradise Pond (aka Muddy P) Damariscotta 03/10/22
Lily Pond (aka Chandlers Mills Pond) New Glouster 03/31/22
Sebago Lake Standish, Casco, Raymond, Sebago 04/05/22 - Standish to Raymond opened. "Big Bay" did not freeze well this winter. State Park docks are in.
Round Pond Charlotte 04/01/22
Pattee Pond Winslow 04/01/22
Cochnewagon Lake Monmouth 04/01/22
Cobbossee Lake Monmouth, W. Gardiner, Winthrop, Manchester, Litchfield 04/01/22
Silver Lake Bucksport 03/31/22
Holbrook Pond Holden 03/28/22
Threemile Pond Vassalboro, China, Windsor 03/31/22
Boyden Lake Perry, Robinston 03/28/22
Brandy Pond Naples 03/30/22
Square Pond Acton, Shapleigh 03/30/22
Togus Pond Augusta 03/30/22
Pemaquid Pond Bremen, Damariscotta, Nobleboro 03/30/22
Damariscotta Lake Jefferson, Nobleboro, Newcastle 03/28/22
Woodbury Pond Litchfield 03/27/22
Long Pond Southwest Harbor, Mount Desert Island 03/25/22
Little Ossipee Pond Waterboro 03/29/22
Crystal Lake Gray 03/28/22
Davis Pond Eddington, Holden 03/28/22
Rocky Pond Orland 03/27/22
Silver Lake (Poverty P) Shapleigh 03/26/22
Nequasset Lake Woolwich 03/26/22
Little Togus Pond Augusta 03/25/22
Kennebunk Pond Lyman 03/25/22
Somes Pond Mount Desert Island 03/25/22
Highland Lake Windham, Falmouth 03/27/22
Hamilton Pond Bar Harbor 03/24/22
Echo Lake Mount Desert Island 03/24/22
Gardner Lake Whiting, Marion Twp., E. Machias 03/24/22
Biscay Pond Bristol, Breman, Damariscotta 03/24/22
Grassy Pond Rockport 03/20/22
Maces Pond Rockport 03/21/22
Chickawaukie Pond Rockland, Rockport 03/20/22
Eagle Lake Bar Harbor 03/16/22
Worthley Pond Peru 04/11/22
Unity Pond (aka Lake Winnecook) Unity, Burnham, Troy 04/05/22
Washington Pond Washington 04/02/22
Long Lake (AWW) T12R13 WELS, T11R13 WELS 05/03/22
Bearce Lake Baring Plt., Meddybemps 04/05/22

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