Martes americana

Other Common Names

Pine Marten

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Lives in conifer-dominated forests with dense shrubs in western and northern Maine. An agile climber, the marten prefers to den in tree cavities.

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Marten are primarily carnivorous with a diet that consists of voles, squirrels, birds, and insects, but they also take advantage of fruits, nuts, and berries. Beechnuts are especially favored by marten.

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Distinctive Characteristics

Sleek and small (about the size of a house cat), with long, dense brown fur, darker legs, a bushy tail, and a pale, almost white face.

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Mostly nocturnal, the marten is more active at night.

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Reproduction & Family Structure

Breeding takes place June through August, with 7 to 8 months of delayed egg implantation. Young are born in March and April.

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