Organizational Structure

The Bureau of the Warden Service is a division of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Its 125 men and women work within an organized statewide leadership network to carry out diverse, and often specialized, missions and responsibilities. The organization includes five field operations divisions and eight specialty teams, all of which are supported by a small administrative staff and directed by the following leaders:

GAME WARDEN COLONEL – Also known as the Director of the Bureau of the Warden Service, the Colonel holds full authority and responsibility for administering all the powers and duties of the bureau, except as otherwise provided by statute.

GAME WARDEN MAJOR – Directly supervises all 5 field operation divisions

GAME WARDEN LIEUTENANT – Supervises one field operation division and its ununiformed law officers, from one of the regional offices in Gray, Sidney, Bangor, Greenville, or Ashland.

GAME WARDEN SERGEANT – Supervises 6 to 7 warden districts, and the Game Warden assigned to each.

GAME WARDEN CAPTAIN – Supervises the Investigations Division, Training Program, Whitewater Enforcement Program, Landowner Relations program, Specialty Teams and Internal Affairs program

GAME WARDEN SPECIAL SERVICES LIEUTENANT – Manages the Maine Warden Service technology and grant programs, including records management, permitting, and activity reporting systems. Also responsible for supervision, policy development, and budget oversight of the K-9 Team, Dive Team, Evidence Response Team, Incident Management Team, Firearms Team, Forensic Mapping Team and Forensics Lab.

CHIEF GAME WARDEN PILOT – Responsible for the air operations program, including supervision of pilots, policy development, maintenance, training, and budget oversight.