Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices

The MSSC will be providing training in Restorative Practices. Please check back for information on upcoming trainings. Also, check out these helpful links. 

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Code of Conduct

 A Restorative Code of Conduct will put your school or district in alignment with Maine law, as described below (for full statute visit here):

15-A. School disciplinary policies. When revising the prescribed consequences for violation of the student code of conduct pursuant to subsection 15, paragraph C, a school board shall consider districtwide disciplinary policies that:

B. Focus on positive and restorative interventions that are consistent with evidence-based practices rather than set punishments for specific behavior and avoid so-called zero-tolerance practices unless specifically required by federal or state laws, rules or regulations. For the purpose of this paragraph, "restorative interventions" means school practices that are designed to strengthen relationships, improve the connection to school and promote a strong sense of accountability and that help students learn from their mistakes, understand the impact of their actions on others and find opportunities to repair the harm they have caused through their misbehavior; [PL 2011, c. 614, §7 (NEW).]

For questions about your school's code of conduct, please contact Stacey Barlow at   (207)446-8313

More Information

Restorative Practices start with everyday actions. View the continuum for a better idea of where to begin. 

Restorative Practices continuum


Restorative justice differs from criminal justice.

Criminal justice vs restorative justice



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