Maine Safe Schools Initiative

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School Safety Specialist Badges

Introduction to the Maine School Safety Initiative 
Safety Through Climate & Culture
Emergency Planning
Incident Command System
  • Introduction to Maine School Safety Center
  • Why the SSS program is important
  • School Emergency Management 
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment Management
  • Restorative Practices
  • Through Food Security
  • What Makes School Climate & Culture?
  • Emergency Operations Plans
  • Planning Process
  • Important Themes in Emergency Planning
  • ICS 100
  • ICS 200
  • ICS 700
  • ICS 800

(FEMA Training)


 Advanced Training Badges


School Emergency Management
Behavioral Threat Assessment
Restorative Practices
  • IS 120
  • IS 360
  • IS 362
  • IS 1300

(FEMA Training)

  • CSTAG Level 1
  • CSTAG Level 2

(3rd Party Assessment)

  • Code of Conduct
  • Tier One
  • Tier Two


What? School Safety Specialists are prepared to:

  • Supports and assists administrators in coordinating the review, editing, and updating of Emergency Operations Plans for their district and/or school building each year as established under Maine Statute 20A chapter 101, sub-chapter 1, section 16 Asec1001.html
  • Involve appropriate stakeholders in the development of district/school level Emergency Operations Plans through the formation of a safety team to include the following: police and fire departments, emergency management agency, EMS, local medical facilities, community members, administrators, parents, and students.
  • Network with appropriate stakeholders to enhance school safety at the SAU and/or school level.
  • Act as a resource for other individuals in the SAU on issues related to school safety.
  • Work with the Maine School Safety Center to provide professional development for faculty and staff on school safety-related issues that encourage a safe school environment.


HOW? The details of the program:

  • Cohorts start at the beginning of every month and have 6 weeks to complete. 
  • All work is done asynchronously through EMCC and takes approximately 20-25 hours to complete. 
  • Work is divided into badges. Badges are outlined above. Each badge consists of interactive modules, a quiz, and reflection questions, except ICS courses which are accessed through FEMA.


WHY? Your motivation for enrolling: 

  • Become a safety leader in your school.
  • Earn Digital Badges through EMCC and contact hours for recertification.
  • Be a school safety liaison with the Maine School Safety Center.
  • Create a network of safety specialists in the state.

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Wendy Robichaud, Ed.D.
School Safety Training Coordinator.