MTSS Book Club: Go at your own pace professional learning


Interested in learning MORE about MTSS?  Consider joining the MTSS monthly book club!  That’s right, book club is back!  Feedback from the summer book club was overwhelmingly positive, so that is the format we will use for MTSS book study for this school year. 

mtss book club flyer

Here is how it works.  Register for the book club or clubs that you would like to attend.  Next, get yourself a copy of the text and read it at your own pace on your own schedule.  Then, show up on the date of that book club and be ready to pose thoughts, questions, and other innovative ideas to your peers.  While not necessary, it would be helpful to keep written notes to capture your thinking as you read the text.  That’s it!  You will receive 2 hours of professional learning units when you join and participate for the full 2-hour book session.  

Educators who listen to these discussion videos, and/or read the text on their own, should work with their local professional development leader regarding earning CEU hours.
January Book Club - Leading Equity-based MTSS for All Students


Video Resources

Full Transcript

Chapter Timestamps

Chapter 1 - Foundations of MTSS - 15:07

Chapter 2 - Structuring of MTSS - 26:12

Chapters 3, 4 - 33:06



February Book Club - Effective Universal Instruction: An Action Oriented Approach to Improving Tier 1


Video Resources

Full Transcript (coming soon)

Chapter Timestamps

Chapter 1 - Universal Tier Design - 1:00

Chapter 4 - Effectiveness of Tier 1 - 17:56

Chapter 5 - Addressing barries in Tier 1 - 32:50

Chapter 6 - Action Planning - 40:11


March Book Club - Demystifying MTSS


Video Resources

Full Transcript (coming soon)

Chapter Timestamps

Book Overview - 3:44

Chapter 2 - MTSS Leadership - 8:22

Chapter 5 - Data Decisions - 44:10

Chapter 6 - Continuous Improvement Planning - 55:56