Apple MacBook Restore Process

For troubleshooting purposes, the end user can boot to Recovery and perform maintenance tasks or a reinstall of macOS. AppleCare can assist with this process.

If necessary, MacBook Air can be restored by first using Disk Utility to erase the internal storage, and then reinstalling macOS.  This process can be expedited by using an external, bootable USB installer.


When finished, MacBook Air will reboot and the user will be presented with the Setup Assistant. From there they can re-create their user account.  Users may optionally sign into iCloud using their Apple ID.  Any documents and data stored in iCloud will then be synced to their device.

Backup - MacBook Air

MLTI 2016 Cohort

Users may sign into iCloud using a personal or school-provided managed Apple ID and optionally chose to sync files in the Desktop and Documents folders with iCloud Drive.  Files are preserved off-site for disaster recovery, and recently deleted files may be recovered for up to 30 days via

MLTI 2014 & 2015 Cohort Only

MLTI 2014 & 2015 cohort schools have the option of using iCloud Drive, or continuing to use CrashPlan for the duration of the current term.  The CrashPlan installer is available from the Apple MLTI Project Office.

After the initial Setup Assistant has completed, the end user will be prompted to create a new CrashPlan account, or log into an existing CrashPlan account. Once the new account setup has completed, CrashPlan will immediately start to backup the end user’s Documents folder.

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  • Backup Status can be found under the CrashPlan icon in the Menu Bar.
  • When migrating to a new device, or after restoring a device, the user will ‘adopt’ the previous CrashPlan backup.
  • To restore documents from backup, select the ‘Restore’ option in the sidebar, and select the documents to restore. Files can be restored individually, or by selecting the entire ‘Documents’ folder.