Maine is constantly working to streamline data collection, analysis and reporting foLogo for the MaineSTARS data management system used by the Maine Adult Education systemr adult education programs in order to make data-based decisions regarding program improvement while ensuring all identifiable student-level data is protected. The following tools are part of our continued quest to better serve our learners.

MaineSTARS: Secure Transparent AdultEd Reporting System

MaineSTARS is the Maine Adult Education system's data reporting system. Staff and administrators are able to access MaineSTARS in any web browser, with new features such as online payment processing, messaging capabilities, recommendations of areas of improvement and more.

  • MaineSTARS Login. Enter the MaineSTARS database.
  • MaineSTARS Intake Form - Paper version of MaineSTARS intake criteria to be completed by staff through an interview with the prospective student. The form is currently under revision. 
  • Program Standards & Performance Indicators. Performance indicators are available; however, the program standards are in the process of being revised. Revisions will be posted when completed.

MaineSTARS must be used in conjunction with data entry forms to ensure uniformity of data across the state. Program directors and all staff who are involved in the intake/enrollment and data entry processes should be familiar with and adhere to the definitions for each field and value in MaineSTARS.