Adult Education Professional Learning


Professional Development Portal

Ongoing professional growth ensures that administrators, educators, and support staff have the knowledge and skills they need to meet the increasing demands of their profession. Maine Department of Education, Office of Adult Education provides support and comprehensive, sustained training to local adult education programs to improve effectiveness, resulting in raised student achievement. The choice of specific content topics is guided by the direction of programs; State, federal and local data; and the initiatives and directives of State and federal funding agencies.

Using Schoology (pronounced school-oh-gee), a digital learning management platform, adult education professionals can engage in professional learning at a distance and during times that are convenient to them. Joining and engaging in the groups and courses in Schoology provides access to repositories of technical assistance materials and professional development resources produced by the State Office and also helps to connect professionals in the field with one another.

Find, register for, and track professional development workshops and other learning opportunities on our Professional Development Portal. Educators can easily locate available offerings, manage online transcripts and access online courses.