Certification Requirements

We currently have two sets of regulations for teachers and the piece of statute below outlines which teachers qualify to use the old regulations. For everyone else, any applications received before June 10th, 2022 following old Ch. 115, and everyone after follows new Ch. 115. If you have already had an evaluation, please reference your evaluation letter and contact us with any questions at cert.doe@maine.gov.

On October 4, 2022, the U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) released a memorandum to clarify the requirements of IDEA Part B, which outlines the expectations for the preparation and training of all special education teachers nationwide. The memo states that special education certification or licensure requirements may not be waived.  Therefore, the State of Maine is unable to issue emergency credentials for Teacher of Students with Disabilities (282) endorsements.

Individuals instead may work towards a conditional credential to become a special educator.  To be eligible for a conditional credential, educators must hold a BA or higher degree and earn nine semester hours in Special Education coursework. To learn more about special educator conditional certification please consider attending Conditional Certification Office Hours held by the Office of Special Services & Inclusive Education. For the office hour dates and a zoom link, please contact Tracy Whitlock at tracy.w.whitlock@maine.gov.