Paid Job Shadow Program

Maine’s Department of Corrections recruits candidates of high moral and ethical character, people willing to uphold the department’s commitment to making communities safer though supportive interventions empowering change, and restoring lives. The paid Job Shadow Program provides an opportunity for successful candidates to see what the Maine Model of Corrections is all about before committing to the Basic Corrections Training Program (BCTP). You will come on payroll in a uniformed status and shadow a Correctional Officer or Juvenile Program Worker as they provide security and mentorship to those in our care.

When you shadow a Correctional Officer or Juvenile Program Worker, you will gain unique insight into the duties and responsibilities of the position prior to the classroom education, all while earning a pay check. Shadows can start anytime and do not need to wait for the next BCTP start date.

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This is an excellent opportunity to see if we're a fit for each other while earning a paycheck! Base starting wage is $24.27/hr. for no experience and up to $28.16/hr. with experience. Full-time positions with benefits, plus shift and night differentials, and volunteer overtime incentive pay. 

Basic Corrections Training Program

New Correctional Officers and Juvenile Program Workers attend a 6-Week Basic Corrections Training Program, funded by MDOC, and includes 42.5 hours-per-week of paid training. Training is hosted regionally at MDOC facilities and conducted by quality instructors using Maine Criminal Justice Academy-approved curriculum for state certification.