A Pathway to Law Enforcement

Correctional Officers at MDOC can take their career in a number of pathways, including law enforcement. Each of our adult correctional facilities is its own "Community Behind the Walls". They have unique population characteristics and needs, including housing units and living areas, 24/7 health care facilities, rehabilitation programs, activities buildings, educational classrooms, vocational workshops, libraries, recreational areas, dining areas, and more.

Law Enforcement Careers with MDOC

  • Correctional Detective
  • Evidence Response Team
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Inner Perimeter Security Team
  • Juvenile Community Corrections Officer
  • K9 Handler
  • Probation Officer
  • Special Investigations and Intelligence
  • Special Operations Group (similar to a SWAT unit)

Local Law Enforcement

If your goal is to protect and serve your local community, law enforcement agencies value candidates that apply with them who gained experience through MDOC. By starting your career as a MDOC Correctional Officer, you will learn invaluable skills and education that can't be gained in a traditional classroom setting. You can apply with us as early as 18 years old, while the minimum age requirement to apply for a Police Officer is 21.

  • See the criminal justice system from a unique perspective
  • Provide safety and mentorship to incarcerated residents 
  • Learn valuable foundational skills, such as de-escalation, conflict resolutions, problem-solving, and defense techniques.
  • Communication is critical, and MDOC is the leader in teaching communication skills to our cadets.
  • Master communication skills and interactions with residents