McKinney-Vento and Higher Education

Students in Maine who are or have been eligible for McKinney-Vento may have additional support available from their college or university.

Homeless Student Liaison

In Maine, any college in the University of Maine System, the Maine Community College System, and Maine Maritime Academy may all have designated homeless student liaisons. These liaisons have expertise in the financial aid eligibility of homeless students and in identifying services for homeless students. The liaison assists homeless students in applying for federal and state financial aid and applying for and receiving available services. 

Priority for Housing

Colleges may also give students experiencing homelessness priority for available housing resources, including housing that remains open during breaks.

Financial Assistance

Each state postsecondary educational institution may award a grant to students who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness. The grant award is limited to the amount of the cost of tuition, less all other financial aid received from a Federal Pell Grant or any other merit-based or needs-based grant or scholarship, that the student is not required to repay.

Additional Resources

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