School & Student Supports (O3S)

Attention Maine Education Champions - your Office of School and Student Supports Team is proud to present a number of sessions to support you in preparing for SY '22-'23.  We have collated our sessions from the larger menu to highlight our team's offerings and to welcome you to our work.  We hope to see you at the Augusta Civic Center on August 9th and 10th! 

About Us

The Office of School and Student Supports (O3S) strives to ensure that Maine schools are inclusive, healthy, safe, and supportive communities where every student thrives. O3S endeavors to coordinate resources and programs that promote equitable, psycho-socially, physically, and environmentally healthy school communities for all.

Each O3S team provides information and guidance to parents, administrators, educators, legislators, and other stakeholders within their focus areas:

The Climate, Culture, Resilience Team provides trauma-informed resources to develop safe and inclusive educational communities.

The Coordinated School Health Team provides professional development, resources, and guidance to school health professionals (or school personnel) resulting in healthy and safe learning environments, physically literate and health literate students, and access to health care resources and services.

The School Approval and Enrollment Team provides accurate, timely, and sensitive policy and infrastructure analysis, recommendations, and execution regarding Maine Pre K-12 schools, school approval, home instruction, alternative methods of education, and student attendance, eligibility, and enrollment.