If you have questions regarding any of the CACFP forms, please contact a member of the CACFP Child Nutrition staff.

Meal Pattern Guidelines - link to the USDA

The forms listed below may offer assistance with record keeping, monitoring, and tracking of CACFP information


CACFP Income and Expenses - Spreadsheet for tracking your income and expenses

Income Eligibility Forms

Adult Day Care
Child Care Centers
Child Care Centers (Pricing)
Family Child Care Providers (Tier 1)
Family Child Care Providers (Tier 2)
Income Guidelines
WIC Income Guidelines

Infant Feeding Forms

Daily Infant Sheet

Infant Portion Menu Infant Portion Menu- Multiple Infants
Management Forms

Appeals Procedures
Disclosure Requirements
Food Service Management Contract
Health & Safety Checklist
School Food Authority Food Service Contract

Reconciliation and Monitoring Forms

 Adult Centers

At Risk Centers Family Child Care Providers Emergency Shelters Unaffiliated Center

Child Portion Menu Instructions
Child Portion Menu
Family Child Care Provider Enrollment Form
Free, Reduced, Paid Master Sheet
Free, Reduced, Paid Roster
In-House Training Documentation
Legal Unlicensed Enrollment Form
Meal Count Worksheet


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