MTSS for Accelerated Learners - Resources


Laws & Rules

The following laws and rules are associated with Maine's gifted and talented programs.

    Identification of Accelerated Learners

    • These sample forms (downloadable as PDF's) will help teachers identify and nominate a student as gifted and talented in the following arts areas:

    Exceptionality in Visual and Performing Arts

    As part of the establishment of gifted and talented programs, opportunities must be provided for students with exceptional abilities in the visual and performing arts in each district. The Maine Learning Results serves as a guide to each school for developing comprehensive and sequential standards-based curricula for student learning in all eight content areas. Read Chapter 104, Education Programs for Gifted and Talented Children, for more information.

    Professional Development and Learning

    The Maine Department of Education has compiled the following professional development resources for educators' consideration.

    National & Statewide Resources
    Courses for Educators


    Andrea Logan
    MTSS Support Specialist