MOOSE Applied Ethics Learning Progression

Applied Ethics

While Applied Ethics is a branch of Philosophy that explores morals and the nature of right and wrong, it’s actually a great deal more than that. Philosophy is built on the idea that through questioning and dialogue humans seek to understand the world, themselves, and the people around them more deeply. Questioning leads to critical thinking, reflection, and wonder. Learning how to have a dialogue that seeks to understand, rather than just find answers, encourages students to take the perspective of others, develop empathy, and learn how to be ok with uncertainty. The MOOSE modules created for the Applied Ethics topic have been created by Maine teachers who recognize the need for deeper student exploration and practice in these areas.

Explore the Modules

Modules created for the youngest learners focus on understanding feelings and friendship and spiral up to exploring ethics, the nature of friendship, fairness, and justice.
Modules for older learners focus on critical thinking, developing a moral compass and values, and how to have conversations with others that can lead to deeper connections and relationships.