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Math4ME is designed to implement evidence-based professional development which increases math proficiency and inclusionary practices for students with exceptionalities and improves instructional practices for educators of all students. 

The Math4ME project is grounded in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Mathematics Teaching Practices.  This project includes hands-on activities, resources, and interactive professional learning experiences which engage participants in deeper understanding of core mathematical concepts and strategies. Project content includes accessible and engaging math routines, diagnostic probes, assessment and formative feedback, all focusing on conceptual understanding, operations with whole numbers, connected representations, and problem-solving skills and processes. 

Math4ME is a three-year, whole-school project designed to support all educators (classroom teachers, special educators, ed techs, and interventionists) to strengthen math proficiency for all learners with a specific focus on increased math proficiency for students with math IEP goals.

Through the use of an embedded Teacher of Influence (TOI), in collaboration with Maine Department of Education Math4ME Coaches, participants will engage in in-person trainings, site visits, and virtual meetings. This project includes hands-on activities, resources, and interactive professional learning experiences to develop  participants’ positive math beliefs and deepen understanding of core mathematical concepts, strategies, and inclusionary practices.

Math4ME Project Goals


Ignite a positive math identity and beliefs around math learning and instruction


Create positive and exciting classroom and school math cultures and communities


Build content knowledge, shared mathematical language, and pedagogical skills in mathematics to increase proficiency for all students


Gain an understanding of using inclusionary practices and how they can fit within an MTSS model

Teachers at Math4ME
Teachers at Math4ME
Teachers at Math4ME


“The Math4ME work has allowed me to view math in a whole new way. I find that I am less focused on a student’s ability to solve a problem correctly and more focused on understanding and exploring that student’s decision-making process in solving the problem. This allows students to understand and appreciate the work they do in class, as well as give them the real-world skills they will need in the future. It has also helped me to evolve as a teacher, to take a step back and ask myself what I want students to get out of a lesson. I would highly recommend the Math4ME program to all."
Shannon Wooten, Teacher, Greene Central School

“Math4ME has trained me how to strategically question students in order to get them thinking mathematically.  Math4ME training and resources provide the insight teachers need to encourage mathematical behaviors such as logical thinking,  testing conjectures, and meaningful reflection while problem-solving.”

– Bridgette Ortiz, Teacher, Bowdoinham Community School

The feedback from my teachers has been extremely positive. They love having the coach come into their classroom to observe and offer feedback. The rich 1-on-1 discussions about their mathematical teaching practices that followed the lessons were some of the best professional development they have ever experienced.”

– Danielle Harris, Principal, Leeds Central School

Applications for the new cohorts are open in the late winter/early spring.  The cohort for the 2023-2024 school year has already been selected.  For more information about the Math4ME Project please contact Sue Hogan at or Jen Robitaille at

Math4ME Logic Model

Math4ME Outcomes, Measures and Evaluation Plan

State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) Report 2021