Apple Repairs


Warranty Repairs.

The steps for processing an MLTI device that may be in need of repair are: 

  1. Issue the user a spare device.
  2. If a spare needs to be temporarily assigned to a user whose machine has been sent out for repair, please enter the appropriate MEDMS ID in the User ID field in the Asset Manager.
  3. For an iPad, the user can sync all of their content directly to the spare.
  4. Troubleshoot for no more than 10 minutes. If you are unable to resolve the issue, move on.
  5. Be sure the user has a backup before performing this next step!
  6. Re-image the device.
  7. Still having trouble? Call the Help Desk ( 1-800-919-2775, access code 4MLTI ) If the call agent determines that you need a hardware repair, then go on to the next step (be sure to record your case number!)
  8. Create a dispatch for the Repair Depot.
  9. The Status for the machine that is out for repair should be changed in the Asset Manager to indicate that it is “Out for Repair”. When the device returns from repair, the status needs to be changed back to "In Use" and the Spare device returned to the shelf or, for iPad, the device received from repair can become the Spare that was used in step 1.
  10. You will be notified by email if your repair is not covered under warranty. The email will contain a detailed quote with the repair cost. Once you receive the quote, you have four options:
    1. Approve the repair by replying to the quote email with a billable PO number.
    2. Submit a buffer request for a new replacement system via the asset manager.
    3. Reject the repair quote by replying to the quote email and request the system be returned to the school without repair.
    4. If the cost of the repair is higher than the cost of replacing the device, you can fax (877-494-6584) or email ( a purchase order to us for the replacement cost. View replacement costs.

Non Warranty Repairs & Accidental Damage. 

You can request repair for work not covered under warranty (i.e. accidental damage) using DepotWorks. This pertains to items that are the result of damage such as broken screens and liquid spills. 

To process a device with accidental damage or non-warranty repair, create a dispatch in DepotWorks and ship the machine to the depot. You may acknowledge in the dispatch if you deem this as accidental damage, but it is not required. 

Once you receive the quote, and want to move forward with the repair, reply to the quote with a PO number for the amount of the repair. Your device will be repaired and returned to your school. If a response to the quote email is not received from the school within 10 business days, the depot will return the device to the school without repair. 

Contaminated Devices.

When a device needs repair or replacement because it is contaminated, including with bodily fluids like vomit, blood, or urine either from humans or pets, be sure to follow universal precautions. - If a device is contaminated at school, student and machine should both go to the nurse, who will wrap up the laptop to give to the Tech Lead.

  • If a device was contaminated at home, and the student brings it in to give to the Tech Lead, the Tech Lead should notify the school nurse, then follow the procedure below.
  • Under no circumstances should contaminated devices be sent to the MLTI Depot. 

Please follow these instructions instead: 

  1. Use appropriate protection when handling the device. This should include at a minimum protective gloves. Check with your school nurse.
  2. Place contaminated device in plastic trash bag, tie off, then place inside another plastic bag. Tie off second bag.
  3. Mark bag as contaminated and identify the contaminant.
  4. Call the MLTI Help Desk and request an escalation to the local project team.
  5. The listed Tech Lead will then be contacted with further instructions on packing and shipping of the contaminated device using Advanced Chemical Transport.
  6. Submit a buffer replacement request in the MLTI Asset Manager as “lost/stolen”. Be sure to mention in the Comments section that the machine is contaminated and what happened.