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Explore each of the asynchronous modules below by clicking on the buttons.  To collect a contact hour for your work reach out to your Maine DOE point of contact or e-mail


Student thinking above the heading of Concepts
Connections to Neuroscience button.  Click to visit the connections to neuroscience professional learning page Overarching ideas.  Click to visit the overarching ideas professional learning page Concept Formations and Foundations button.  Click to visit the concept formations and foundations professional learning page. Conceptual Understanding button.  Click to visit the conceptual understandings professional learning page.
Explore the connections between brain-based learning and SEL
Connecting big ideas within and across content areas.
Learn about the foundations of identifying concepts and how to use them in instruction.
How to make connections between concepts to form disciplinary and interdisciplinary conceptual understandings.

Children working with a teacher above the heading of Engage
Continuum of Engagement button.  Click to visit the continuum of engagement professional learning page A culture of dispositions.  Click to visit the culture of dispositions professional learning page Project Based learning and Inquiry button.  Click to visit the Project Based learning and Inquiry professional learning page. Community Connections button.  Click to visit the Community Connections professional learning page.
Explore the continuum of engagement & its connection to student-centered inquiry.
Use dispositions (Habits of Mind) to develop school and classroom culture.
Explore multiple ways to engage students through discovery and experiential learning.
Explore how to develop connections between community partnerships and classrooms.

An image of students raising their hands above the heading of Questioning
Question Formulation button.  Click to visit the Question Formulation professional learning page Using Student Questions in Instruction.  Click to visit the Using Student Questions in Instruction professional learning page Conceptual Questions button.  Click to visit the Conceptual Questions professional learning page. Universal Design for Learning button.  Click to visit the Universal Design for Learning  professional learning page.
Explore how students can develop their own questions using the Question Formulation Technique (QFT).
Explore ideas on how to connect student questions and pedagogy.
Use connections between disciplinary and interdisciplinary conceptual understandings to develop conceptual questions.
Explore how to plan for equitable access to content and multiple ways to show their learning.




Kathy Bertini 
Interdisciplinary Instruction Coordinator
Phone: (207) 816-0294